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The 2014 Backstreet Boys cruise was this past weekend and we’ve gotten some new info from the boys on what’s coming up for 2015.

Tour – Between March-May (June? saw different months mentioned) for South America, Australia, Phillippines and Japan.

Recording New Album – The boys are currently recording their next album!

Documentary – Fans on the cruise got to see the first 20 minutes of the documentary. As we know it will be released in January in theaters. A release in Europe is set for February. The boys have mentioned the movie being available On Demand as well and will release a DVD with bonus footage not in the film. They even announced they will release a soundtrack along with the documentary! Mentioning they want us to have everything they recorded for In A World Like This.

Cruise concerts – The guys sang some songs they haven’t sung live in years! Hey Mr. DJ, That’s The Way I Like It and Just to be Close to You. They even sang three songs from This Is Us. Undone, If I Knew Then and Straight Through My Heart.

As for a cruise next year it seems to be uncertain as some fans heard yes and no answers if there will be one. Nick mentioned it possibly being in 2016.

Thanks to Rose, Michelle, BSB Italian Crew for the info.

You can visit the BSB instagram page for some videos and photos from the cruise!

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While at VIP during his show in Pittsburgh on October 2, 2014 Nick mentioned some upcoming things happening with BSB next year.

BSB will be touring South America, Australia, South East Asia and possibly South Africa around April 2015.

BSB to record a new album next year.

The Show ‘Em What You’re Made Backstreet Boys documentary will be released in January! Nick says it’s release is January 31st.

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I know this site hasn’t really been as updated as I’ve been really busy with Kaos Online. But stay tuned as we have some exciting things planned. I can’t say what it is now. But we’ll have more help around here. More fun things, and a new addition to the site.

For now visit as there is a lot going on with Nick! Tour, new album and his new reality show.

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A few weeks ago Backstreet Boys posted on their official site about a screening for the new documentary, Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of. Those who are apart of the fan club and wanted to attend could submit a email to request entry. Only a limited number of people could attend. The screenings were held in both NYC and L.A. on August 7.

I know many are wondering when is this going to be released? We have to wait a little longer. It’s said to be released next year between January – March. The producer of the movie mentioned they’re still hasn’t been any buyers yet. Which is why these screenings were set. To get interest and hope someone will want to buy it. Several people at the screenings were industry people. Let’s hope someone is interested in buying it!

Many fans who have attended have said that it was really well made and amazing! You’ll laugh, cry, smile and much more. Many fans left the screenings feeling more appreciative of the boys and loving them more than they did before. It sounds good to me from what I’ve heard.

The producer, Mia Bays also mentioned to fans that there will be a premiere either in London, L.A. maybe NYC. They want to have some launch event for it where the guys will be there introducing the film, perforiming and doing a Q&A. There was also a mention of a DVD being released as Mia said they have so much footage from the movie that they want to put it all out there.

Thanks to Jerry, Dew and others (sorry I am blanking on names) who shared info.

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On August 14, 1999 precisely 15 years ago the North American leg of the Into the Millennium tour went on sale and the 39 city tour sold out within 24 hours. With many tickets selling out within the first hour of going on sale. The tour was said to be one of the fastest grossing tours of all time.

The tour grossed about $30 million and sold 765,000 tickets.

Read all about the Into the Millennium tour here.

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There is a lot of new media uploaded to the media vault. The following sections of the media vault have been updated. Keep checking back for more videos to be posted.

Appearances 2005 and 2012
Commercials and Promos
Online Appearances 2005

The design of the vault has also been updated with a new header image a few days ago.

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If you notice on the left side you’ll see updates from Kaos Online and BHAK News. Click on the title of the posts or right click to open in a new tab/window and you’ll be taken to that post.

I’ve also updated the tour dates page to include the new dates in Europe. As well as the awards section to include a few nominations BSB are up for and for some they won.

I’ll be adding more things soon.

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After having the last layout for over a year I decided to change it. What do you all think? I made the header image myself and the layout was designed by Ray. I like how the header image turned out.

I know I haven’t really been updating this site much but I’m hoping to update the site more soon. As I said in the previous post visit my other sites Kaos Online and BHAK News for all the latest.

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Sorry for the lack of updates here. I’ll be working on adding more articles to the press section today. As well as other things that I’ll update here.

But for now if you’re looking to find the latest on the boys individually visit our sites and BHAK News.

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During promo in Germany the Boys filmed a performance for RTL Ultimative Chartshow. The show aired on December 27.

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